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Perfect Pointing, your local company for a professional brickwork and repointing service for all homes and properties in the Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and surrounding area.

Perfect Pointing are a Bournemouth company with years of experience specifically in repointing and brickwork repairs.

Whatever the size of your job, for a competitive quote call now on 07941 146597  or contact us by email.
All repointing and brick restoration work carried out. 


Replacing damaged pointing and replacing or repairing brickwork can make a dramatic difference to the strength, appearance and longevity of your property and will increase its value.

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Colour matching existing pointing

When replacing pointing, matching the existing colour of the mortar is important if a professional finish is to be acheived. Perfect Pointing are experts at decorative pointing and can match both the existing style and colour of your current mortar.

Brickwork and Masonry Repairs

We're fully qualified bricklayers and can repair or replace broken or missing brickwork and masonry as part of the repointing job. Broken or cracked bricks can be replaced with matching bricks where available or alternatively, we can carry out repairs that colour match the existing mortar to provide an 'invisible' finish.

Fully Qualified Bricklayers

We are able to replace areas of brickwork that are damaged beyond repair thus removing the expense and inconvenience of having to employ additional contractors.

No job too small - or too large!

We undertake repointing jobs of any size with many smaller requirements completed in just one day.

What is repointing?

Over time weathering and decay from age can cause the mortar between brickwork to crumble and break which subsequently allows the ingress of water. This results in further damage to both the mortar and brickwork from damp and frost. The mortar between brickwork is referred to as 'pointing' and apart from being visually unattractive, damaged pointing can lead to a deterioration in the strength of the wall and damp within the property. Therefore, it makes good economic sense to replace any damaged pointing on your property.

Repointing is the process of replacing the old pointing with new and it's our speciality. Whatever your repointing or brickwork requirement, call 07941 146597 for immediate assistance. 

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